Cultivate WF 2015


Last friday I was invited down to open the Cultivate 2015 festival in Waltham Forest. It was a fab evening and lots of free packs with growing infomation and starter packs with seeds were handed out. The festival goes on until the end of the month so check out some of the activities they have planned HERE


One thought on “Cultivate WF 2015

  1. After a long love of cooking I moved to a flat and live alone, for the first time for ages I only cook for myself and sadly lost my mojo. After recently watching u on master chef and seeing the obvious passion a love of cooking you showed with every dish u made u have totally reignighted my love a passion to cook again for others but more importantly for myself, u are the most inspirational person I have seen for a long time, u are so honest grounded and genuine , the passion u project is truley remarkable . So from me my belly and all the people I cook for thank you and please never change, I have seen It with so many other previous contestants they get this premadona ora which ruins there roots, keep up the good work nat and may u insipire many more people as u have me TY

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