MasterChef The Finalists


Myself, Dale & Larkin have been busy in the kitchen writing new recipes for the new “MasterChef: The Finalists” cookbook, which was released in October 2013 by Absolute Press part of Bloomsbury Publishing.

It features 15 recipes (each) from the show and 15 (each) new exciting recipes inspired by the what we learned during the show.

Order your copy here > MasterChef: The Finalists Cookbook


Natalie Coleman – Winning Recipes: For Every Day

Natalie Coleman won MasterChef 2013 with a Scotch egg, and ever since she’s been showcasing the same fresh, fun, down-to-earth cooking that made her a star. Now, she shows you how to do it too, guiding you through easy techniques and mouth-watering recipes that are the secret to her fantastic food.

With chapters on grilling, baking and frying, as well as freezing, preserving, salt-baking and cooking in a bag, Natalie proves that great food is built on easy, reliable techniques that produce impressive, enviable results every time.

Natalie’s recipes include: Jerk Chicken; Homemade Salt Beef; Nan’s Famous Corned Beef Pie; Confit Duck with Pomegranate Salad; Green Peppercorn Squid; Aubergine Bhajis; Salt-baked Pil Pil Prawns; Pimms Lollipops; Basil Ice Cream with Pink Peppercorn Strawberries; Orange Olive Oil Cake; and, of course, her trademark Scotch Eggs, including chorizo and mackerel variations.

You can buy your copy of my new cookbook HERE



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