For all enquiries for private dining or event catering contact >

For all media / corporate enquiries please contact Anna-Louise at fork off management > 

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11 thoughts on “Contact

  1. I saw you at good food show several times…..I live near narberth and i told you about a Narberth food festival . We are not too far from Tenby.

    In Narberth we have a Spanish Welsh Deli Called Ultracomida . Hope you have time to read this

      • JB Thanks for relpy, I am sure you are very busy…… we are only 20 mins from tenby.

        Let me know if you are coming!!!!! good luck follow your dream!!!


  2. Hi Natalie

    Luvin your work!

    Can I ask; why’ve you not opened your own restaurant? Any plans to in the future?

    • Thanks so much ๐Ÿ™‚ I will open a restaurant eventually, but right now I need to go and learn under great chefs as I have so much to learn about food and kitchens and opening right now I’m not ready in knowledge or experience. However I will be doing pop up’s in the future so keep your eyes peeled on this blog about dates ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Hi Natalie, you are world famous! Just watched Masterchef final in South Africa (yeah it takes a long time to get here). We are avid watchers and tipped you from the start. You have a wonderful character, personality and passion and it was really fantastic to see you collect the trophy. A worthy winner in every respect. For sure it’s only the beginning and certainly you will continue to make life a wonderful success. You have been a pleasure to watch. Good luck!

  4. You are just fantastic; here in Norway I watched you win today. Congratulations and if you open a restaurant I would like to eat there. KR Harald

  5. Hi Natalie, everything seems to be going great for you since Masterchef. I was thinking about applying. Was wondering what happens during the process. From application to the shows. Did you leave your job to start on the process or did you get leave of absence. How do you support yourself during the weeks of the program? Looked on the Masterchef website for more information but now applications have closed there appears to be no information. Perhaps you know who I could contact? Thanks and congratulations on winning. Well done!

  6. Hi Natalie. You were my favourite MC winner and saw you tonight reminded me. I Co-own s top London hair salon and would love to invite you for a complimentary service on me.
    It is in Fitzrovia.

  7. Hi Natalie, I’m an accomplished home cook living in Paignton, Devon. I would love to teach children and young people traditional/basic cooking skills, like those I learned from my mother and grandmother, as I feel these skills are not being passed on so much these days and are dieing out. I don’t have any teaching qualifications, but have a real passion for cooking. Do you have any advice you can give me? Thanks so much.

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